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Google+ Feed for This is no joke! The Ramirez Family are in... This is no joke! The Ramirez Family are in control of Heaters, V2K Heaters. The Maez Family are in with them. But they are the only ones on the planet not good at their Devil Ritual Craft. They scream on V2K making up lies and try to get me killed by mobs. I am not in prison like Charles Manson, Gary Ridgeway, and even didn't get me like Squeaky From, the one who tried to assassinate the President of the US. Now released in her old age. This group of mobsters are the most inept crap on the planet! All of their prophecies are wrapped in dung, never coming true. They have killed people who advise common-sense things. They kill those who just oppose them. They scream and yell at those who work for them on V2K heaters. Making your life worse than mine! They're the [Most] inept crap on the planet! Oh, they do have their own restaurants. But the Black Ops Projects they are a disaster of a family.
Posted by John Yost - 2014-05-03T16:37:31.543Z